Laura Valle Releases "Vos Y Yo" on CDBaby

"VOS Y YO" means "You and I" in argentinean spanish. This is a passionate love story written by Laura Valle.

Vos Y Yo

LAURA VALLE Shares a Preview of the Song "Vos y yo" (You and I) From Her Next Album

 The song will be released before the album in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

Joanna Glass Lands Endorsement With Eno Music!

Congrats, to Joanna Glass for her recent endorsement with ENO MUSIC!

"There were so many unique pedals to choose from with interesting sounds and textures! I am really excited and grateful to be working with Eno Music!"--Joanna

Thanks to Jenny He, @Alex Liang Paul Killion and the rest at EX Music Gear.

Joanna's bandmate Abe Perez is also endorsed with Spaun Drum Company, Scymtek Cymbals, Diamondback Drumsticks, DB Drumshoes and Beato Bags.

Glasspirits Win Best Music Video For 'Strangelove' At The LBCCFC Film Festival!

Congrats, to Abe Perez and Joanna Glass of Glasspirits! They received the award for 'Best Music Video' for their cover 'Strangelove' at the 2017 LBCC Annual Film Festival brought to you by their Film Club! Also, congrats to Zack Perez of Astral Media for shooting the studio scenes and Josh McGiffert and Mike Roberts for acting in and shooting the storyline scenes called 'Blood on Orange' that appear in 'Strangelove' and Gilbert Deleon for acting and being part of the crew. Big thanks to Nadine W. FLores for directing the studio scenes of 'Mexican Baby' and 'Charlize'. Full list of cast and crew for all videos will be on the video descriptions when they are premiered, worldwide. Thank you, to Sarah Hawbaker, Gina Dipietro, Mark Sosa, Dr. Alison Hoffman and the rest from LBCCFC for setting up the event. And, warm thanks to Josh from LBCC Viking News for taking the time to interview Joanna and Abe.

RSVP for 'Strangelove's upcoming video release here--> "Strangelove" Facebook Event

RSVP for 'Mexican Baby's upcoming video release here--> "Mexican Baby" Facebook Event

Glasspirits Visits KDHR Radio w/ DJ Rex to Perform Songs & Promote 'Mysteries of Rhythm'

Your favorite eclectic rock duo will head over to CSU Dominguez Hill's radio station KDHR to be guests on DJ Eric Fernandez's weekly Thursday night show 'Ska Rocket' at 5PM!

Glasspirits will be perform some tunes acoustically live, promote their album 'Mysteries of Rhythm', upcoming music videos, and their Untitled Documentary Film Project.

Tune In LIVE at Thursday, October 26th at 5:00PM

Glasspirits Live at Sam Ash Music Stores in Puente Hills - 6/25/17 @ 2:30pm

This eclectic rock duo is back in the San Gabriel Valley to play your favorites from their debut album 'Mysteries of Rhythm'!

This is event is sponsored by Sam Ash Music and Spaun Drums.

Glasspirits on Highly Elevated Radio with DJ Eddie Fn Diaz at Kbeach 88.1FM

After their gig at the Nugget Pub & Grill, Tuesday May 9th, Glasspirits trek across the CSULB campus to KBeach radio 88.1FM.

Follow DJ Eddie on
Tune in to Eddie's show, Highly Elevated Radio, Tuesdays, 10pm at

Here's Abe & Joanna post-performance and pre-radio appearance VLog:

Cal State Long Beach's Daily 49er Interviews Abe & Joanna After Their Performance at The Nugget

Cal State Long Beach's Daily 49er Interviews Abe & Joanna After Their Performance at The Nugget.

Read the article online at -->

'High Spirits with Glasspirits', Daily 49er,  May 10, 2017
by Natasha Overin

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Grunion Gazette Interviews Joanna Glass About Meeting Abe Perez, Forming Glasspirits and Their Debut Album 'Mysteries of Rhythm'

Grunion Gazette Interviews Joanna Glass About Meeting Abe Perez, Forming Glasspirits and Their Debut Album 'Mysteries of Rhythm'

Read the article online at -->

'Glasspirits Band Fuses Eclectic with Tradition', Gazettes,  December 1, 2016

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LBCC Viking News Reviews Glasspirits 'Mysteries of Rhythm' as "Unique and Incredible"

Reviewing 'Mysteries of Rhythm' (Viking News Original Print Article)
LBCC Viking News Staff writer Eddie Diaz reviews Glasspirits's 'Mysteries of Rhythm' as "Unique and Incredible".

Read the article online at -->

Long Beach City College Viking News. October 13, 2016. Volume 90, Issue 4, page 12.

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Glasspirits's 'Mysteries of Rhythm' is Now Also Available on CDbaby

In addition to our eBay store, Glasspirits's debut album 'Mysteries of Rhythm' is now also available on CdBaby for $10.

Link to purchase CD on CdBaby:
Link to purchase CD on eBay:

Thanks, for the support and let us know how you like it!

Glasspirits's debut album 'Mysteries of Rhythm' is available on eBay for $10. You can order through PayPal or Credit Card.

Link to purchase CD:

Thanks, for the support and let us know how you like it!

Glasspirits Album 'Mysteries of Rhythm' Receives a Positive Review in British Music Mag Croston Lancs Weekly

ALBUM REVIEW: Glasspirits - 'Mysteries of Rhythm'

Glasspirits Album 'Mysteries of Rhythm' receives a positive review by Jason Hampson in British music magazine Croston Lancs Weekly. Click on the link below to read the full article:

ALBUM REVIEW: Glasspirits - 'Mysteries of Rhythm'

Mobrov Remixes Gloucester Records Labelmate Laura Valle's 'Milonga En Tu Ausencia'

Mobrov remixes Laura Valle's 'Milonga En Tu Ausencia'

Mobrov does a sensual and beautiful remix of Laura Valle's 'Milonga En Tu Ausencia'. These two Gloucester Records labelmates had a harmonious collaboration which resulted in a hypnotic and alluring tune. Here it for yourself:

Laura Valle Releases a Stunning Music Video for "Boa Viagem"

Laura Valle, with the help of Moveoent, released a gorgeous music video for her single "Boa Viagem". Read more...

Congrats to Laura Valle for Having Her Album 'Perlas' Signed to Sostereo Sync Licensing

Laura Valle will have songs from her album 'Perlas' in the Sostereo Sync Licensing Library.  Laura's  music will be used by 'Brands and Networks'.  Read more...

Former Stormer and Yankee Rose Guitarist Donny Simmons Records Lead Guitar as a Guest Artist on a Track on Glasspirits's Album

Abe Perez and Joanna Glass from Glasspirits recount their experience recording legendary rock guitarist Donny Simmons.  Read more...

Rihanna's 'BBHMM' Gets A Remix and Video Released by Mobrov

After winning his semi-finalist spot in Isobel Trigger's 'Champion' Remix contest, Mobrov remixes Rihanna's 'BBHMM'.  Read more...

Mumkai's Release of 'Vast/Machine' Music Video Reviewed by Gravity Halo

Now, we have a reworked version [of 'Vast/Machine'] debuting with an official video filmed in super 8 by ohann c. and edited by janevis.  Read more...

Laura Valle Lands a 5-Star Review with Her Debut Album 'Perlas'

Congrats to our Gloucester Records siren Laura Valle for landing a 5-Star review of her debut album 'Perlas' from Inside World Music's critic Matthew Forss.  Read more...

NAMM 2015: Glasspirits Take a Musical Pilgrimage of Fender's Historic Sites with Joey Carducci and Talks About Collaborating with Donny Simmons for a Song

After Saturday's NAMM 2015 Music Expo, Glasspirits members Abe Perez and Joanna Glass took a musical pilgrimage of Fender's Historic Sites in Fullerton, CA with expert Joey Carducci of Gretsch Guitars and talk with Donny Simmons, former Yankee Rose and Stormer guitarist about collaborating on a song as a guest artist for Glasspirits's upcoming debut album. Read more...

Mumkai's Debut Album 'EP1' Reviewed by Gravity Halo

Gravity Halo writes, "On "EP1", Mumkai delivers an eerie voyage through dusty samples, crisp, snappy beats, funky grooves and psychedelic ramblings to create a sound that evokes LA's current beat luminaries like Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, while bringing his own trademark vibe to create something that's a bit heavier on the hip hop vibes, a bit more rockin' and a lot wonkier." Read more...

Mobrov Takes the Semi-Finalist Spot For Isobel Trigger's 'Champion' Remix Contest!

Congrats to Gloucester Record's Mobrov for taking the semi-finalist spot for Isobel Trigger's Champion Remix! 5,000+ listens and landing in the top 10. Not bad for your second remix, Mobrov!  Read more...

KCRW Music, Ramon Banda, et al, Write Positive Words About Laura Valle's 'Perlas'

We've received some positive feedback about Laura Valle's 'Perlas'. Here's what critics and professionals from the music industry are saying:  Read more...

Congrats to Abe Perez of Glasspirits for Becoming an Endorsee of Beato Bags!

Congrats to Glasspirits drummer Abe Perez for his new endorsement with Beato Bags.  Read more...

Mumkai's Live Performance of 'M02' Receives a Positive Review By Gravity Halo

Courtesy of Gravity Halo: "Mumkai delivers his trademark eerie instrumental hip-hop stylings on this joint, which was recorded live using an MPC, Kaoss Pad and a sequencer." Read more...

New Music Tuesday! Laura Valle's Single 'Boa Viagem' is Now Available to Download!

Laura Valle’s smooth Portuguese vocals and the dynamic rhythm of brazilian samba will make you feel like you’re at a summer beach party at sunset! Click here for the download page...

Mobrov Releases His First Single 'Snow Keys' on Bandcamp

Mobrov releases his first single 'Snow Keys' on Bandcamp using the 'Pay-What-You-Want'/'Download-For-Free' model.  Read more...

Mumkai Contributes a Track to the Various Artist Album 'Broken Pieces'

Courtesy of Gravity Halo:

"These 14 tracks run the spectrum, from awkward's ambient noisescapes to Acidburp's lush, progressive breakcore to Mumkai's neck snapping beats."  Read more...

Laura Valle Collaborates with International Musicians to Record 'Perlas'

Perlas is the debut original album of Laura. It was recorded between Buenos Aires and Los Angeles between 2006 and 2007 and co-produced with Juan Pablo Lazo.  Read more...

New Music Tuesday! Mobrov Remixes Laura Valle's 'Milonga En Tu Ausencia'

Now released, the MOBROV remix of Laura Valle's track Milonga En Tu Ausencia.  This remix highlights Lauras amazing voice with a chill, deep electronic feel.  Expand article to listen to the track...


Glasspirits is a 2 piece American experimental rock band from La Puente, California, consisting of Joanna Glass (vocals, guitar, keyboard and violin) and Abe Perez (drums, congas, and percussion).  Read more...

Gravity Halo Reviews Mumkai's 'Vast Machine'

Gravity Halo gives us a review of Mumkai's 'Vast Machine'.  Read more...


MOBROV is classically trained, electronic oriented, and hip hop minded. Read more...

Laura Valle Plans to Release a Summer Single 'Boa Viagem'

Laura Valle is planning to release a summer single next month called Boa Viagem which means "Have a good trip!" in Portuguese. Read more...

Introducing...Laura Valle!

Laura Valle is an Argentinean  singer-songwriter and musician from Huntington Beach, CA who creates South American World Music. Read more...


Mumkai and all his musical glory gets a warm welcome to the internet. Read more...

Gloucester Records is Proud to Announce Website Launch!

Gloucester Records is proud to announce its first group of artists to represent and promote: Glasspirits, Laura Valle, Mobrov and Mumkai. Read more...



is a 2 piece American experimental rock band from La Puente, California, whose members are Joanna Glass (vocals, guitar, keyboard and violin) and Abe Perez (drums, congas, and percussion). Read more...

Laura Valle 

is an Argentinean singer-songwriter and musician from Huntington Beach, CA who creates South American World Music. Her inspirations inspirations range from tango and electronica to flamenco and jazz. Read more...


is classically trained, electronic oriented, and hip hop minded. Music influences include Adventure Club, Diplo, Madeon, Brosafari, Flux Pavilion, and Yellow Claw.


is a Los Angeles based musician, hip-hop and electronic music producer. His sound covers a wide spectrum of influences ranging from J-Dilla and RZA to Tangerine Dream and Phillip Glass. The multi-instrumentalist merges together electronic and acoustic elements of synth, acoustic bass, bone chilling string samples, guitar, all backed by face melting beats. Read more...



Gloucester Records is a multi-faceted label and music PR, webdesign and marketing network.  We work with artists who have a unique sound and made their own initiative to independently release their music in the past, which demonstrates their potential for future commercial success as they join our label. Our goal is to help our artists reach their unique audience around the world.

Although we are supportive of independent music, we have specific criteria for accepting artists into our label. Therefore, we are currently not accepting any demo and/or artists' submissions.

Thank you for stopping by our website and we look forward to hearing other business from you.





Glasspirits's debut album 'Mysteries of Rhythm' is available on both CdBaby, Amazon and Ebay for $10 + shipping. Local in-store prices and taxes will vary.

At the moment, we had a soft release of 'Mysteries[...]' with only physical CDs to help support local mom-and-pop record stores. In the Winter of 2018, 'Mysteries[...]' will be available at online retailers, such as iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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For online sales, we would prefer our fans to purchase from eBay, as for every time stock runs out at CdBaby, we have to keep shipping more CDs to them in Oregon, which can cause a delay to anyone buying in California.


Glasspirits is a 2 piece American experimental rock band from La Puente, California, whose members are Joanna Glass (vocals, guitar, keyboard and violin) and Abe Perez (drums, congas, and percussion). Their influences range from Santana, Tori Amos, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, Rosie and the Originals, Nirvana, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and much more.




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Vos Y Yo
Boa Viagem


Argentinean singer, Laura Valle produces a rousing mix of flamenco, jazz, tango, and South American-inspired songs in English and Spanish.  Her album, Perlas, contains eleven songs co-produced with Juan Pablo Lazo in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. The work includes over a dozen musicians and composers from Argentina, France, Switzerland, and the USA.

She grew up listening to British and Argentine rock, jazz, brazilian, and south American music.  She was also strongly influenced by the poetry of the tango and argentine folk music, the cuban Nueva Trova movement, the music of  Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astor Piazzolla, and  Miles Davis. Laura was always drawn to travel and learn about other cultures, in particular their musical roots. (continued below)


Born in Argentina, she spent her early years intensely involved in the cultural life of Buenos Aires acting in theatre productions and singing. In Europe she trained classical singing and jazz and toured with several bands: Aldebaran (modern tango), Movida (flamenco), Arrabal de tango, Tonic Strings (latin) She collaborated in many recordings and performed at live radio shows like France Musique. 

After graduating from the Music Academy of Basel in Switzerland in 2002, she moved to southern California where she started collaborations with local tango and latin jazz musicians such as John Quiodini, Juan Pedro Estanga (Afrotango), Rique Pantoja, Matt Fronke, Ron Kobayashi and Ron Eschete. She has been performing since then as a solo vocalist in numerous jazz clubs, events (Tangos y Huaynos at the Ford Amphitheater Los Angeles 2012) and Festivals (IV C Gardel Tango Festival, Los Angeles 2005). (continued below)


Laura’s philosophy in her own words, “My purpose is to inspire and lighten up the spirit and mind with the music I sing and write. I believe in the power that comes from a beautiful song with an uplifting message.”

Laura continues to compose and record, in addition to coaching singers at her private music school in Orange County.


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MOBROV is classically trained, electronic oriented, and hip hop minded. Music influences include Adventure Club, Diplo, Madeon, Brosafari, Flux Pavilion, and Yellow Claw.




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