laura valle





is a 2 piece American experimental rock band from La Puente, California, whose members are Joanna Glass (vocals, guitar, keyboard and violin) and Abe Perez (drums, congas, and percussion). Read more...

is an Argentinean singer-songwriter and musician from Huntington Beach, CA who creates South American World Music. Her inspirations inspirations range from tango and electronica to flamenco and jazz. Read more...


is a Los Angeles based musician, hip-hop and electronic music producer. His sound covers a wide spectrum of influences ranging from J-Dilla and RZA to Tangerine Dream and Phillip Glass. The multi-instrumentalist merges together electronic and acoustic elements of synth, acoustic bass, bone chilling string samples, guitar, all backed by face melting beats. Read more..


is a music producer born and raised in La Puente, CA. She is one of our newest artists to be part of our roster and we are proud of her! Check out her page for a sneak peak of what's to come. Read more...