Laura Valle Album Release: ‘Charismatic’

With the release of her second full-length album, CHARISMATIC, Laura Valle strives to remain grounded and focused as she gains increasing notoriety in the Jazz, Pop community. Utilizing compositional inspiration from Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, and other contemporary styles, this Argentinian artist now residing in Orange County, CA, creates an electric fusion of international sounds. With the success of her debut album, PERLAS, which was rooted in South American influences, her second release CHARISMATIC proves to be as inspired, as she employs a stronger jazz and pop orientation.

Lending on her years as an acclaimed vocal coach and music teacher with an extensive curriculum, Laura Valle incorporates Spanish, Portuguese, English and German lyrics into her growing repertoire. From her beginnings as a theatre actress and tango singer, Laura continues to amass interest, excitement, and anticipation to each performance.

Laura has partnered herself with some of Southern California’s best musicians to assist in recording the album: Bill Hartel, Ron Kobayashi, Brad Vinikow, Isaac Sanchez, Sam Montooth, Logan Bacharach, Juan Estanga, Sal Cracciolo bring out the sultry, elegant vocal styles of Laura Valle with a professional, mature dynamic and raising every song to a higher standard.

Please join Laura Valle as she celebrates the release of CHARISMATIC in 2019.
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