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Mumkai and all his musical glory gets a warm welcome to the internet from Gravity Halo. Below is an excerpt from his site:

[Courtesy of Gravity Halo]:

"I've known this cat Marc Mumcian a.k.a. Mumkai for a looooooooooong time. And I mean a loooooooooong time. Way back when the internet was still in its infancy...when Photoshop looked more like MS Paint...when a 32MB hard drive meant you were seriously ballin'...when people clowned you for being on AOL instead of Prodigy. You know what I'm talking about.

We played in an instrumental post-rock band back in those days, with Marc holding down the rhythm section on the bass. Since then, we've both evolved quite a bit musically and Marc's brought his keen sense of rhythm and funk to the sick beats he cranks out under the Mumkai moniker. DJ Premier meets DJ Shadow meets Flying Lotus with eerie string arrangements, dark atmosphere and some great sample flipping...y'all should definitely check his shit out. Ultra class."


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