Mumkai's Release of 'Vast/Machine' Music Video Reviewed by Gravity Halo

Courtesy of Gravity Halo:

"If you've been following this blog for awhile, you may remember we posted an early version of this track by Mumkai waaaay back when. It was noticeably absent from his Gravity Halo release EP1 (which you absolutely NEED in your collection btw), but now we have a reworked version debuting with an official video filmed in super 8 by ohann c. and edited by janevis. The song is out of control and the video features some creepy landscapes, a few dead animals, some gas masks and, of course, some giant humanoid roaches banging out beats on an know, normal everyday shit."


Watch 'Vast/Machine' here:

Listen to and buy 'Vast/Machine' here:

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