Mumkai Contributes a Track to 'Broken Pieces'; A Compilation of Various Artists from Gravity Halo

Courtesy of Gravity Halo:

"Artist: Various Artists
Title: Broken Pieces
Cat #: GRH007


01. William S. Braintree - Can I Go With You?
02. Chris Moss Acid - Crash Acid
03. Rock Hyrax - Sickbot
04. Acidburp - Hoedster van de Kaas
05. mummyshroud - Acid Riddim
06. Mumkai - All These Gifts
07. Milieu - Blisschord II
08. Mumkai - Great Times
09. awkward - My Time Has Passed
10. moto-SLAVE - Bioroid 2
11. Rock Hyrax - Emergency
12. Cats On Earth - Phobos
13. Sendy - Pelt
14. awkward - My Time Has Passed (Reprise)

Download Gravity Halo's "Broken Pieces" Mixtape (140mb - .zip file)

Well friends, we're 8 months into this Gravity Halo undertaking and so far, so good.  We're steadily gaining readership, hits and most importantly, we're putting out a TON of great music by some really talented artists and giving them a platform for their music to spread across the globe.  Now that's not to say that we've reached our goals or even a comfortable resting place because there's lots more room to grow, but it is a great time to put together a release that sums up what Gravity Halo is all about.  Thus, we present to you our first compilation/mixtape - "Broken Pieces".  These 14 tracks run the spectrum, from awkward's ambient noisescapes to Acidburp's lush, progressive breakcore to Mumkai's neck snapping beats to Sendy's epic sound adventures and Rock Hyrax's intricate micro-glitch - the styles vary drastically, but the connecting threads are clear.  These are all incredibly skilled independent artists that are driven by their love of making tunes and that's apparent in every second of this record.  

Enjoy the release, spread it around, repost, reblog, re-fuckin-tweet, tell some dude on the street...let's do this, people!

Stream the album after the cut:"


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